Types of protective films that can be used in cars

Cars, including imported and luxury cars, are considered important assets. This is a huge one-time investment. There is no doubt that buying a car takes effort. But more effort and care is required in the maintenance of the vehicle. However, the vehicle is now protected from dust, scratches and bird lime.

The ultimate solution to protect car paint is to use wrapping paper. Wrapping your car will prevent any chemical harsh car washes, minor scuffs and scratches. In this article, we’ll define some of the most commonly used protective films you can use to protect your precious vehicle. Read on to find out what these are:

Lamp protective film:

As the name suggests, the kind of protective film used to protect car lights is called a light protector. This self-adhesive film with a scratch-resistant polyurethane coating is a high-performance surface protection solution for automotive lamps. Its unique scratch-resistant layer (polyurethane layer) adheres perfectly when heated.

They are easy to install and include a range of kits for installing film. Lamp protectors are available in a variety of sizes and can also be used to cover other surfaces of the car.

Vinyl car film:

It’s a great way to personalize and change the look of your car. The film is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It also contains colorants and plasticizers to provide unique flexibility and color. Using this type of protective film on your car is best for parts that are flat and do not require polishing.

Vinyl automotive film can be wrapped using a heat source (primarily known as a heat gun). The heat gun adheres the film to the edge and can be held at 90 degrees to release the film’s memory. There are two types of vinyl car films:

●Cast vinyl car film
●calendered vinyl car film

Compared to cast vinyl automotive films, calendered vinyl automotive films are a bit more expensive. The installation of calendered vinyl automotive film may take more time than usual.

Best car film supplier:

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