Guide About Intelligent Lamp Protection Film

Headlights add value to the vehicle. Car headlights’ primary purpose is to illuminate the road, which promotes safe driving. Headlights are the light source parts of the car that are important for safety. Many people underestimate the effect headlights have on a car’s exterior. Headlights tend to yellow over time because of exposure, UV light impacts, and ordinary wear and tear. Discolored headlights make it harder for individuals to concentrate on their sight and can cause nighttime driving risky. Headlight protection is a superb technique to preserve the value of your automobile and make sure that your nighttime vision is unaffected. In this article, we talk about Intelligent Light Film for headlights.

Headlight covers are additional improvements that can be added over a car’s headlamps to lower the amount of light transmitted, tint the color of the transmitted light, and shield the lenses from road debris, insects, pedestrians, and minor abrasions.

MAX is a manufacturer specializing in the production of solar film and lamp film. We produce high-quality TPU lamp protection film.


It measures 30CM15M or 60CM15M. It is made of TPU which is a highly flexible material. It is temperature resistant to -40°C to +200°C. It has a flat surface type with simple curves. It can withstand temperatures of heat more than +120°c. With adhesive, the film is 7.5 mm thick while it’s Adhesive thickness is 30μm. Compound curves, concave surfaces, corrugations, flat, and simple characterize its application surface. The minimum application temperature is +8°C (air and substrate). Spraying water is used as a method of application. This headlamp film has an outside 7-year durability value.


It is an intelligent light control headlamp film. One intelligent light control headlamp film can serve three different purposes. It prevents night transparently invisibility and provides a fearless drive. It can convert white and black film to change from white to purple, as its name implies. It shows individuality. It is a film with 100 percent UV protection. The most fascinating aspect of the film is how it displays various colors under varying UV rays. It becomes transparent at night and darkens in daylight.

●Intelligent Light Control Film

It can vary with the intensity of ultraviolet light. It has rapid sensing of different weather and climate conditions. Our color-changing TPU, with a modified masterbatch, added inside has strong weather resistance. The headlight film can automatically sense the strength of UV rays and show different colors. It is bright during the day and invisible and transparent at night. It gradually blackened on cloudy days. In the sunlight, different degrees of color occur depending on the sunlight’s intensity.

●Tear it Off Without Leaving Glue Marks

It is a removable film. It can be torn off without leaving bubbles and adhesive residues behind.

●Give Headlights New Look

It improves the appearance of the car. It not only makes headlights aesthetic but also protects them. It is scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, high-definition, and transparent.

Why choose MAX(Arp Vision)?

We have more than 15 years of experience. We offer professional after-sales service so we can solve professional problems. We provide OEM&ODM and can customize your professional car film. We maintain a strategy of launching brand-new designs and R&D every three months.

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